Amazon Shipping to Japan

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Amazon building in Santa Clara, California

You might be wondering Does Amazon ship to Japan?

The simple answer: It depends. 

As a guy who purchases many items or unique products online which are hard to find in Japan, I have found a solution and would like to share with you how I get them delivered from to Japan.

Amazon has few items which can be directly shipped to Japan and the majority of items cannot be shipped to Japan.

But how to know which items can be directly shipped to Japan and which ones cannot be directly shipped to Japan?

If not directly shipped to Japan, what to do?

Read on we have answers and an easy solution to ship ANY item to Japan from Amazon.

How to know which items Amazon ship to Japan?

First, you must sign up with Amazon and input your shipping address to Japan. After that, you can directly search for your favorite items and see if they are eligible to ship to Japan.

This process is time-consuming and frustrating as you will find my products not eligible to ship from Amazon to Japan.

Alternatively, Amazon knows the pain which is faced by its worldwide consumers and have introduced Amazon Global Store, a store within which has items which are eligible to be shipped internationally.

Amazon Global Store Banner

But as I mentioned earlier even by using this method the majority of items are not eligible for international shipping.

More often than not you will encounter below error which might be frustrating. But don’t despair there is a solution.

Amazon shipping error: Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address

You might also run into a situation where items from different sellers ship internationally, but they can not be consolidated together and sent as a single package.

This might increase shipping expenses exponentially. But there is a solution to this as well. Read on.

How to deliver ANY item from Amazon to Japan?

If you want to ship any item from Amazon to Japan then you need a US address, because Amazon ship to all American States addresses.

But you might be wondering how do I get a US address while you are not living there or have any relative in the United States? Who will receive the items on behalf of me and forward to Japan?

There is a group of entrepreneurs who have solved that problem and come with a solution. They are called Freight Forwarders.

There are many of them but the one which I have used consistently and willing to recommend are called

How does MyUS ship from Amazon to Japan?

It’s an easy 3 step process.

First, you Sign up with them and get a US Shipping Address (Now they have a FREE 30-day trial)

Second, input your “MyUS US address” to Amazon shipping address

Third, buy as many items as you want and ship to your US address, MyUS will receive on behalf of you consolidate all the packages (depending on your instructions) and ship to you. ‘

The good thing is you can first estimate the cost of shipping even before buying the items themselves from Amazon!

You just need to know the weight and dimensions of the items, your preferred or cheapest shipping courier such as FedEx, USPS, Airmail etc and use MyUS calculator to do shipping estimations.

Happy shopping!