Best Cordless Phones for Senior Citizens with Big Buttons and Talking Audio Caller ID

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For many seniors, the rapid advancement of technology is bewildering. Every year, there are more and more smart devices on the market.

Though technology can make life easier, it can also leave people feeling lost. As we get older, we have more trouble learning new things.

When it comes to phones, different options have a wide range of functionalities. It can be difficult to know how to use them.

But fortunately, manufacturers understand that there’s a large market for easy-to-use technology. Many companies have created cordless phones formulated specifically for seniors.

Not only are these phones easy to use, but they also accommodate many common disabilities that seniors face.

People with vision impairment may benefit from large fonts and illuminated buttons. Meanwhile, people with impaired hearing will benefit from volume customization options.

We’ve put together a list of the top phones for seniors. The best one for you will vary depending on your specific needs.

Best Cordless Phones for Senior Citizens (With Visual, Hearing or Speech Impairment)

Brand NameLCD Screen Battery Features Disabilities Accommodated
#1. VTech CS6719-2
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Yes Average Hearing
#2. Clarity XLC3.4

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Yes Average Vision
#3. Panasonic KX-TGE262S

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Yes Extra battery Hearing
#4. Motorola K702

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No Dual power Hearing, vision, speech
#5. Plantronics XLC2

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Yes Average Hearing, vision

#1. Motorola K702

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The Motorola K702 is a great option for seniors. Both the buttons and the front cover are illuminated, so it’s easy to find and use even in the dark. This makes it an especially attractive option for seniors with bad night vision or other vision problems.

It’s a good choice if you want a phone you can keep beside your bed. Should you need to call someone or answer the phone during the night, you won’t even need to turn your lamp on to operate the phone.

Every important button is big enough to be viewed easily. The font is also clearly printed and easily read. If your vision is highly impaired, you might still need to use your glasses, but this phone is much more ideal than other typical offerings.

Another great aspect of the phone is that you can customize the volume of the ringer. If you’ve dealt with hearing loss, you can make the ringer loud enough to hear easily. On a similar note, if your ears hurt when exposed to loud or high-pitched sounds, you can dial down the volume to a setting that’s comfortable.

For an additional fee, you can get four hand sets. This is ideal if you move from room to room frequently and don’t want to have to run to answer the phone.

#2. Clarity XLC3.4

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In comparison to the Motorola, the Clarity doesn’t perform as well in terms of visual appeal. It doesn’t have the same modern, sleek design. It also doesn’t have illuminated buttons, so using it in the dark can be a challenge. But the Clarity really shines in terms of its volume customization capacity.

If you or another family member is hearing impaired, the volume settings are a blessing. You can amplify the incoming speech to a maximum of 50 decibels, and your microphone’s volume can be amped up to 15 decibels. The ringer can be maximized at 95 decibels, so you’ll hear it no matter how far away the phone is.

With that in mind, turning the volume all the way up may not be ideal if you have other household members who aren’t hearing impaired. The loud volume option is best used by people living alone or people whose entire household has hearing impairment.

There are other benefits to the phone as well. It comes with an extra battery, so it’s a perfect choice for people who like to talk on the phone for several hours. Since the phone operates with battery power, you can keep using it even when your power is out.

Like most high-rated cordless phones, this phone is designed with DECT 6.0 technology. This means that you won’t experience interference from the radio, television, cell phones, or Wi-Fi.

#3. Panasonic KX-TGE262S

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The next phone on the list is an elegant model designed by Panasonic. If you get the standard model, you automatically receive two handsets, so it’s a great choice if you want a phone in multiple rooms or need a spare. There are more benefits beyond the multiple sets, though.

The biggest benefit is the phone’s “sync” feature. A landline isn’t even necessary if you want to use the phone. Instead, you can sync the phone to one or two of your smartphones, so you can connect two numbers to the phone. When someone calls either of those numbers, the phone will ring.

A smartphone isn’t a requirement, of course. It’s still possible to connect this phone to your landline.

Despite the elegance of the design, there’s still the accessible features that make it a good option for seniors. It has a clear screen and easily-read font, noise reduction capabilities, and big buttons. There’s also an amplified volume which includes both the ringer and the speakers, so you have a better overall call experience.

#4. VTech CS6719-2

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If you’re on a budget and need a more affordable option, VTech has you covered with this phone. It was specifically designed to accommodate seniors. Despite the low price tag, the overall quality of the phone is ideal. It’s not as elegantly designed as the Panasonic, but the screen is clear and big. There’s also illuminated buttons, making it ideal for those with vision impairment.

You have the option of getting one or two handsets. When someone calls you, both handsets can be connected to the person speaking through an outside line, so you don’t necessarily need a landline. In addition, the design employs power-saving technology, so your calls can last significantly longer than they would with a typical phone.

If there are a number of phone numbers that you call frequently, you’ll be pleased by the memory capacity of this phone. Up to 50 numbers and names can be stored in the directory. In addition, the phone remembers the last 10 numbers you’ve dialed, so redialing is easier than ever.

If you make a lot of calls and need several handsets for convenience, or if you have multiple family members who necessitate multiple handsets, it’s possible to expand your set to a maximum of 5 handsets. Even if you only use one phone jack, the 5 handsets can still connect.

If you want an affordable phone that has non-interference technology and standard features for seniors, this is a great choice.

#5. Plantronics XLC2

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This is the one phone on the list that doesn’t come with a screen. The design is meant to help seniors with a variety of disabilities including impaired hearing, vision, and speech. It’s also made to help those with limited mobility.

The talking dial pad is large and easily accessible, with much bigger numbers than on most phones. The buttons are designed to be as functional as possible regardless of your vision capabilities or the lighting conditions.

If you’re looking for a cordless phone that’s unbelievably easy to use, this is the clear winner. It’s difficult to find another model that focuses as much on accessibility and ease of use.

The amplified volume of the phone can reach a high level. If the phone isn’t answered, the subsequent rings become louder to ensure that it’s heard. For households with more than one person using the phone, you can have the ringer automatically chime on the boosted setting so it’s heard between rooms.

The phone comes with dual power settings that allow it to be used even when the main battery is empty. You do need to have extra batteries in the phone for this to work.

It’s not the most aesthetically appealing option on the market, but it’s the best choice if you want a convenient and easy-to-use option.

Final Thoughts

For people who want an easily-read phone that can sit by their bed, the Motorola is a great choice. Its illuminated features and clear font make it more ideal than many other options.

The Clarity XLC3.4 is best for people who want a highly customizable phone volume, although it’s not illuminated and doesn’t have a modern aesthetic design.

Meanwhile, the Panasonic is a great choice if you want a cordless phone that works even without a landline installed.

If you’re looking for a handset that was created specifically with seniors in mind, the VTech is an ideal and affordable option.

Though the Plantronics doesn’t have a screen, it’s by far the best choice if you want an easy-to-use option.

The talking dial pad and large font make it perfect for the visually impaired, while the boosted volume is ideal for those with hearing impairment.

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