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Udemy is a home to numerous resourceful contents and leaning materials. For many Java enthusiasts, it is a virtual and continuous class. Although there are tons of Java classes on Udemy, they are all different. The difference is the depth of the courses, which is also subjective to the target market.

The golden rule of choosing a course on Udemy is to understand your level of knowledge. In this piece, the list is entirely on different course aspects. They include the comprehensiveness of the course, the aimed class of learners, the cost, and the other finer details such as the course duration.

The following five courses challenge the status quo of learning Java.

1. Java for beginners – Systematic hands-on guide

As the name of this course suggests, beginners are the targeted market. Among all beginner courses (of Java) in Udemy, this particular course stands out in its structure and approach to learning. These qualities are vital in the fast-growing world of Java.

The only requirement for enrollment is a strong desire to explore and learn. A good working computer for experimenting and designing is important. In addition, for people in need of a more formal introduction to the world of Java, this course is for you.

The scope of the course

Although this course is only in English, the simplicity of basic instructions is unmatched. It is the soft landing to the complex and interesting world of Java. With five concrete areas of interest, Java beginners can exclusively have a better understanding of many practical concepts.

TetraTutorials, which is the team behind this exceptional package aims at introducing the learner to the world of GUI programming in six hours. In addition, it is one of the best courses in in equipping the learner with an exceptional approach to Java operators and types.

Training materials in this course are up-to-date and the good aspect of enrolling to this course is the certificate, awarded after completion.

2. The Complete Java Masterclass

This course is the most comprehensive course (on Java) in Udemy. The main target is any Java enthusiast, from a newbie to a more experienced Java user. Furthermore, it is one of the few courses with a comprehensive coverage on all Java basics.

Although this course is only in English, it is objective and gives the learners up-to-date training which is ideal in the real world. The training aims at equipping the Java enthusiast with skills on being exceptional and unique in the fast-growing world of coding in just one month.

This Java course has two instructors.

  1. Tim Buchalka

When selecting a Java course, the experience and success of an instructor matters. Tim Buchalka is a reputable instructor. He is one of the most experienced instructors. As an instructor, he is resourceful, eloquent, and excellent in breaking the Java logic even to the Java newbies.

  1. Goran Lochert

Goran Lochert just like Buchalka is an experienced instructor. He is great at explaining basic to a newbie as well as tutoring a more experienced Java user. As an addition to being an excellent instructor, he has interests in the gaming world.

3. Android O & Java

The main targeted learners include people with zero experience with Java and want to develop android apps. Creating apps especially on the android platform is the biggest and fastest growing Java niches.

The scope of learning and interacting with Android O & Java

Leaning Java through this course is one of the best experiences a Java enthusiast can experience. The course has a structure, which stretches learning to more than 20 hours. For the learning materials, it is one of the few platforms with HD videos, unlimited articles on Java and numerous alternative reading materials.

Although like many high-end courses on Udemy, the course is only in English. However, the simplicity in approach and comprehensive coverage on the fast-growing app world makes it one of the best courses.

As an up-to-date manual to access and succeed in the world of mobile apps design, the course concentrates on UI design and typography. These two basics are ideal tools for any successful mobile app designer using Java.

4. Complete Java-SE8 Developer Bootcamp

Do you want to get in the world of Java but on a budget? This is the best course for you. Contrasted to other full courses on Udemy (on Java), this is the best deal.

Scope of leaning Complete Java-SE8 Developer Bootcamp

The course is detailed. The structure includes 165 mini-lectures running in more than 11 hours. The course has a wider scope as it covers all the basics (of Java) such as how to write and read all basics in the world of Java. It also gives the learners a smooth landing to the world of HTML.

As a budget-friendly Java course, it is important to understand that it is only available in English and as a learner; you are limited to Java SE 8. However, it is a great course for learners that want to have a grasp on Java 8 programming. It is also an ideal course for students preparing for OCA exams.

5. 200+ Interview Questions and Answers

This course is unique in terms of the target audience. The main aim of this course is to offer (a Java student) a refresher to the Java world for the purpose of a job interview. As the name suggests, the course is structured in a question-answer format.

The scope of the course

The scope of this course is mainly to help the Java enthusiast have an idea of what to expect in Java job interview. This is by offering different expected questions and their answers. In addition, it offers updates on new development in the world of Java.

Some of the requirements for enrollment of this course are Java basics, passion for Java and definitely Github Repository access.

In summary, Java enthusiasts and learners require different courses to perfect their skills. In this piece, (5 best udemy java courses) all courses are different and with different markets. Before making the course choice, therefore, consider your motive of learning Java, the cost of enrolling in a course and most importantly the learning environment.

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