5 Best Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered Motion-Sensing Security Light

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Motion lights outside are for more than just making it easy to see your way from the back door to the pool during the night. In this post, we will look at the 5 Best Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered Motion-Sensing Security Light.

We start off with a basic introduction to these lights and the let you know what our top choices are. We have scoured the net and read through all of the reviews that we could find to determine which lights make the cut.

The 5 Best Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered Motion-Sensing Security Lights

#1. Urpower’s Offering
Our Best Pick

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Low10 feet12080No
#2. Solar Lights by Sunforce

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Higher30 feet180900Yes
#3. Frostfire’s Offering

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Low9 feet12080No
#4. Lampat’s Offering

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Low15 feet12080No
#5. The Solar-Powered Light from Swiftly Done

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Average15 feet12080No

Do You Need Motion-Activated Lights?

In this section, we will look at whether or not you need motion-activated lights in the first place.

Motion lights are used for a number of different reasons. In this section, we will break down who is most likely to use these lights and why they do so.

  • Visibility: This applies to residential properties and also businesses. Think about how easily you can get down to the trash can at the end of the drive in the dark. You also have to consider the safety of those who visit your home. Complete darkness could lead to injuries – you don’t want someone tripping and falling into the rockery, for example.
  • Making a Show: You work hard in your garden, it deserves to be shown off, day or night. Dramatic lighting can do that for you.
  • Marking a Path: This is a fairly common use for lighting, especially where guests need to be able to stick to the path.
  • Security: This is one of the biggest reasons that people install this kind of product. If someone unauthorized comes into the yard, they will activate the light. At best, it will make them run off. At worst, at least you know they are coming.

Why Would I Want Solar-Powered Lighting?

There are a few reasons, but chief among them is the amount you will save on electricity. Traditional security spotlights are highly effective – they can make it almost as bright as day. The problem is that they require a lot of power to function.

Which leaves you pretty stuck if the power is out, or if a criminal manages to cut the power. Solar-powered lights, on the other hand, are just as efficient and can power themselves.

They are:

  • Reasonably Priced: There is a huge movement toward more energy-efficient appliances. This is great for the environment, but it also provides company with an excuse to hike up their prices. The solar light industry is one area where you can save money when buying.
  • Easy to Get: You can get them online, through your local hardware store or even in some department stores.
  • Good for the Environment: LED lights are used in the construction. These lights use power a lot more efficiently and have a much lifespan than your traditional bulbs have. They draw their power from the sun and last longer. That’s a double-shot for the planet.

What Should I Think About Before I Buy?

What is my Primary Motivation Here?

Do you live in a high-crime area and want to use the lights as a deterrent? Or is it because there are dark patches in your garden at night? Do you just need light for a party? Do you have pets?

These are all things that you need to know before you buy the lights. They will determine how many lights you need and where you should position the lights for best effect.

Why do I mention pets? If you have a dog or cat, you are going to have to position your lamps carefully. The beam should be directed at a higher spot. A spot that lets your pets pass under it or jump past it without setting it off, but still high enough to catch human movement.

The next thing to consider is whether or not the light will be able to stand up to the weather in your area. Will it be able to be exposed? They all have different designs and some are better suited to bad weather conditions than others.

In this case, bad weather can just as easily mean hot and very sunny, as well as rainy and cold.

You also have to consider how bright the lights will be and where the beam will hit you if they are activated. It’s best if they hit you in the test so that you are not blinded by them.

How Will They Work?

The way they operate is simple. They have a small solar array attached to them. While the sun is up, this array charges itself and stores that energy. This provides power to use when the lights are activated.

Activation means different things depending on the lights that you have. Some lights will switch on when the sun goes down and shine until the sun comes up. Some only switch on when the sensors detect motion. Some stay on all night, at a dim setting until motion is detected.

How Will I Handle Installation?

Because of the fact that they do not need to be connected up to the main electricity, they should be pretty easy for you to install.

They often come with tape on the back to hold them in place, but you should also use the screws provided so that it really stays put. This might entail drilling a small hole in the masonry or the wood so that you can anchor the screws properly.

Spend a little time making sure that the light is properly secured to save yourself having to replace it later when the wind blows it off, or if someone decides to steal it from you.

Where do I Install It?

That will depend on what your goals are. For complete security, it is an idea to have these products covering the whole of your yard. It is better to have too many than too few, so some overlap is a good thing.

That said, you do need to be considerate when it comes to your neighbors, though. They don’t need to have bright lights blasting into their bedrooms.

If it is just visibility as opposed to security that you are aiming for, one or two well-placed lights should do the trick admirably well.

#1. The Solar-Powered Light from Swiftly Done

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This option is quite small, but it does put out a lot of light. The mechanism and globe are fully enclosed and so safe from weathering and extreme heat fluctuations.

The light changes throughout the day and comes on automatically when the sun goes down. The light it sends out is dim, unless the sensors detect motion.

What I liked about this product is that it is easy to use, and nice and bright. It works really well, and the automatic settings can save a lot of time. These are great to use at a party, or to mark a walkway. They act as a useful security deterrent as well.

Another problem I found was that, because of the design, there is little way to adjust where the beam falls.

But you cannot argue with the price on these.

#2. Solar Lights by Sunforce

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This one is pricier, but it also looks a lot more like the traditional lights that you may be accustomed to. It is easy enough to install, and you do have more flexibility than with our first options because it is mounted on a swivel.

When motion is detected, these blast on at full force.

What I liked about this option was that it has a sturdy construction and one light could light up your whole front yard effectively. I also liked that it can use direct or indirect sunlight to charge.

What I didn’t like was that while the light can be moved up or down, it cannot move from side to side. Some people have also had issues with water getting into the casings. I would advise putting it in the shelter of an awning so that it is not exposed to rain very often.

#3. Frostfire’s Offering

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Frostfire is a pretty cool name for a company specializing in outdoor lighting. And it is brilliant for outdoor lighting powered by the sun. This lighting is one of my favorites. Not only is it weatherproof, but it can also stand up to extremes in temperature.

They are one of the smaller options, but they do give out a nice bright light. It is best for lighting for a particular purpose, like above the entryway. The way you set it up is unusual. The light is placed parallel to the ground with the solar panel lying flat.

What I do like about this option is that it works purely on solar power. With most other options, the power is collected and used to charge a Lithium-ion battery. This is not the case here, so it does work out at being a more eco-friendly and cost-effective option for you.

These lights stay dimly lit until activated by movement.

What I did not like about this one. Taking away the battery does make it eco-friendly, but I do wonder about how long the light will work for if you have a few days without any sunlight. And this is an issue other people have had – the light must receive direct sunlight every day.

#4. Lampat’s Offering 

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This is another lamp that can be attached to a wall, post, or just about anywhere you like. One seven-hour charge in the sun allows it to run for a total of twelve hours. It operates automatically – switching on during the day and off at night.

The light is well designed and will be able to stand up to inclement weather and extremes of temperature. It has a contemporary design that will fit in anywhere. It is inconspicuous until it comes on.

The light in standby mode gives off a dim light that might be useful in some areas. It will go full bright if it detects movement and stays on for ten seconds after the last movement was detected.

#5. Urpower’s Offering 

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The price here is higher, but that is because these come in a four-pack. It is similar in design to the first model that we reviewed and looks sleek and stylish.

You can buy the lights individually, but you can save quite a lot of money when you buy the bundle instead. The sensors have a range of around 120°, and so have a much wider beam than most. The light switches on when someone passes and stays on for a further thirty seconds afterward.

The light is quite bright and has a hint of blue in it. It will work well for lighting up the backyard and for lighting a business premises.

It takes between six and eight hours to get fully charged and will work in winter and in summer too.

Its power-saving function enables it to switch off when the sun rises so that there is no power wasted.


These are my top five picks for lights. Switching over to solar-powered, LED lights makes a lot of sense for both you and the environment. You get to save money because you are using less power and the bulbs last longer.

The environment scores because less power needs to be produced and less landfill waste has been created.

Every one of the lights that made the cut are good buys, both in term of performance and value. You will just need to check out each one and see which suits you best.

Say, for example, you need to put the light up on your porch, but you want the light to hang out of direct sunlight for most of the day. The Sunforce light might be the best.

Maybe you are looking for something completely different that needs to be placed in an exposed position; then the Frostfire may be the better option for you.

For what it is worth, I felt that the Urpower Four Pack came up tops – you get excellent value for money and a product that is easy to install.

No matter which option you do choose, though, you can be assured of one thing – simple to install, reliable lighting when you need it the most.

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