Magellan Vs Yeti Cooler

Yeti, A Name You Can Trust

Almost every cooler is compared to the durability and reliable of the Yeti cooler.

This is because the Yeti brand was the first to introduce roto-moulded coolers into the market. Naturally, everything is now compared to the greatness of Yeti that customers are expecting.

Yeti coolers are extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about wild animals breaking into your supply.

These coolers come with latches as well, which is an added security. You might think nothing of animals trying to steal your beer.

But when your prized catch is being stored in the cooler, then it becomes an issue. Wild animals can smell food from miles away.

They will know what is inside the cooler. But, no animal has that much patience. The resistance of a Yeti cooler will deter them and they will leave you alone.

These coolers are also sealed tight, so the ice should remain as ice for days straight. This is of course depending on how often the cooler is open, as exposure to the sun or even air can cause the ice to melt.

As long as the cooler is sealed, the ice would last for days. But, opening and closer the cooler, you’ve got two solid days on your ice supply. That’s not bad.

The biggest bonus of the Yeti cooler is that they are huge. There is so much space to store your ice, your cold ones and even a couple catches if you’re not the type to want them separate.

These coolers are a must-have for any camping trip, because they really give you peace of mind that your supplies are going to be safe.

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How to Choose the Best Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Cast iron Dutch ovens are a classic kitchen staple. If you don’t have one, then you’re missing out on what this sort of pot can do for your daily meals!

A Dutch oven is the original slow cooker, and it’s also great for a variety of unexpected things, like baking bread.

Cast iron lasts just about forever, so don’t go cheap on your Dutch oven selection. Pick something that you’ll use and enjoy for decades and possibly generations.

Although there are a surprising number of factors to consider when choosing a cast iron Dutch oven, there are only two main types: bare cast iron and enameled cast iron. Neither one is really better than the other. S

tart by picking which type you prefer, and then consider the following aspects when selecting a particular Dutch oven.

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5 Best Lightweight Backpacking Camp Shoes

With all the options for backpacking and camping shoes available on the market, choosing a pair can be simply overwhelming!

Never fear, shoppers, because we have narrowed down the list for you! To compose this list, we’ve carefully selected five shoes according to our criteria.

We’ve picked one that has each of the following traits: One is lightweight, since you’ll have to carry them.

Another is compact and easy to pack.

The third protects your toes from injury while you’re traversing rough terrain.

The fourth is made to be stable enough for stream crossings, and the fifth is designed to dry quickly. What more can you ask for when it comes to backpacking shoes?

Read on to decide which model is perfect for you.

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Why Is My Female Cat Spraying All of a Sudden?

Though male cats are most commonly known for spraying their territory, female cats can spray as well. The myth that they don’t has led to consternation for many pet owners. It’s important to understand that inappropriate urination and spraying are two different behaviors.

Spraying involves placing urine vertically along your windows or walls, while inappropriate urination involves urinating in a puddle. Spraying is a way of marking territory, while inappropriate urination can be a medical issue or litter box problem.

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Are Chacos Sandals Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

are chacos sandals good for plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a medical condition that causes acute and sharp pain through your heel and the bottom of your leg.

The pain typically works when you walk, as each step causes an impact against the plantar fascia, a band of tissue that has become inflamed.

Plantar fasciitis is often caused by overuse of your leg muscles, especially if you’re relatively out of shape. The condition can seriously impede your life since it causes constant pain as you walk.

One of the best things you can do is find footwear that provides pain relief. Through a combination of arch support and toe grippage, plantar fasciitis shoes lessen the impact of your strides.

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Best Shoes for Canoeing Portaging

best shoes for canoeing portaging

What kind of shoes are you supposed to wear when you go canoeing? That’s a question a surprising number of people ask.

If you’re carrying a canoe to and from the water, you’ll need footwear that’s sturdy and durable. But at the same time, you want footwear that’s flexible enough to bend and move with your foot’s natural muscular movements.

And, somewhat obviously, it needs to be footwear that can withstand getting wet.

Shoes that dry quickly or drain well should be the first priority. Once you’ve made sure of that, you can worry about their durability, support, and overall fit.

We’ve put together a list of some ideal options to get you started.

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