Cheapest Way to Ship from USA to Australia

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There are a number of United States businesses that don’t have international presences. If you live in Australia, how can you shop your favorite US brands and get the items delivered to you? International shipping can often be complex and convoluted. Some United States businesses don’t even have international shipping.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. MyUS is a company that can get your items from the United States to Australia for the cheapest pricing and the quickest possible transit time.

What to Know About Shipping to Australia from the United States

Shipping Costs

You can use the shipping cost calculator found here to find out how much your package would cost with MyUS. There’s also an exchange rate calculator that can convert your USD cost into Australian dollars.

MyUS calculates your shipping cost based on the weight alone, so there’s no complex information involved. Even if you have many packages or large packages, the rate is still only calculated by the weight. This is because MyUS consolidates all of your purchases into one large package before they ship it to Australia. This simple convenience ensures your costs are kept down.

Different transportation companies will have different shipping rates. You’ll be able to compare each of your options side by side. For a one-pound package, the cheapest option will typically be about $22 USD. However, you can expect that to take a longer amount of time for arrival.

As your packages increase in weight, the shipping cost will go up. You’ll also pay more for express shipping, which will get your packages to you in about 4 business days. Economy shipping will typically get your packages to you within about 10 business days.

Duties and Taxes

On July 1, 2018, a tax law into effect that applies a goods and services charge to shipments whose value is 1,000 Australian dollars or lower. When you shop in Australia, most of your local purchases will already include GST in their pricing. However, items you buy from the US will not have this price worked into their calculations.

GST also applies to shipments with a value greater than 1,000 Australian dollars. In the past, the tax didn’t apply to shipments below this value, but that’s recently changed.

Australia has a “de minimis value” amount. Packages with a total value lower than this value won’t need to pay duties. With that said, there are certain items that might have other taxes or fees applied in accordance with Australia’s laws.

The value for duty for Australia is 1,000 Australian dollars. Any shipment below this value will not need to pay duties. However, you will need to pay taxes and duties on tobacco and alcohol.

If any of your items have been damaged or are prohibited from shipping into Australia, MyUS will let you know before your package is shipped. This will help you avoid paying unnecessary taxes or duties on your items.

Transportation Times

Your packages will initially be shipped to the MyUS facility in the United States. This facility is located in Florida. From there, MyUS will ship your packages to Australia.

For people with express shipping, you can expect your package to arrive anywhere from 3 to 4 business days after leaving the MyUS facility. For economy shipping, the time lengthens to between 5 and 10 business days.

You have a great deal of different shipping options to choose from. You can compare them side by side to make sure you find the fastest rate for your particular budget.

Special Considerations for Australia Shipping

Australia has some unique customs regulations. These should be taken into consideration when you want to ship anything to the country.

Before any package can be exported to Australia, it’s necessary that MyUS be given a record of both the address and name of the seller. In the majority of cases, you can find this information on the invoice placed inside your package. In cases where the invoice doesn’t have the required information, your shipment might be delayed as MyUS gets the appropriate information.

No matter the value of the order, merchandise procured from one seller can be shipped to Australia via either UPS or DHL.

DHL and FedEx are capable of shipping “dangerous goods” to the country. However, you need to adhere to the carriers’ specifications regarding the type of commodity, quantity, and delivery area. MyUS automatically selects the carrier that can transport your purchase.

Sometimes, when this is the case, your shipment will need to be sent via two different carriers. You’ll always be informed if “dangerous goods” are a part of your package. If your ship request fails to meet the carrier criteria for your preferred carrier, the package will automatically be shipped by the carrier that can handle the goods instead.

When packages are imported into the country, customs will charge a 10 percent tax. American prices won’t include this tax, so you need to remember to add it in.

Import and Export Bans

There are some items that cannot be exported from the United States. You must make sure you adhere to all export restrictions for the US. In addition, you’ll need to adhere to import bans for Australia’s borders.

MyUS has a unique advantage regarding import bans. They’re well versed in how to move packages to Australia from the United States. The company assists members in completing the legal paperwork required to have their restricted items enter Australia. In addition, in cases when an item is completely banned, the member will be notified so no unnecessary fees are incurred.

MyUS Partnerships

You’ll get the lowest shipping price with MyUS. The company has an exclusive partnership with UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx to get the lowest air freight rates for Australia. In addition, Premium members will get a 20 percent discount on their shipping.

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