Do Mold Bomb Foggers Work?

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We’ve all been there at some point – mold invading our personal space like it owns the place. Mold can be tricky, because depending on the color it’s a serious health hazard.

Some mold has worked its’ way into the drywall, meaning pieces of the wall have to be cut out to tackle the real issue.

Mold is particularly a problem in areas without proper ventilation. It tends to form in dark and damp areas, but it’s not picky about the lighting situation. If there is any moisture, you’re at a risk for mold.

The best way to flat out avoid getting mold is by ensuring every area of your home is well-ventilated. Even still, the bacteria will sneak up on you when you’re least expecting it to. That’s almost a guarantee.

But, you’re not going to want to stare tearing down your walls to tackle the issue. You’re not going to sit around and wait, either.

Breathing in mold can actually cause an infection in your lungs – The more you know! Luckily for you, there are many great mold-killing solutions on the market.

We’re going to look at the Mold Bomb Fogger by Biocide.

An Introduction

The Mold Bomb Fogger is a spray. It can be applied to the affected area, also known as the filthy mold culture. This is a product that was designed by Biocide as a way of efficiently fighting the bacteria of mold. This, of course, is done to reduce the amount of human illnesses caused by mold exposure.

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The fogger spray is a kill-all, really. It’s effective against black mold, which is the most beneficial. If you don’t know, black mold can cause allergic reactions in many people.

The reactions actually imitate the symptoms of a cold or flu, so it might be hard to catch at first.

But, the fungus doesn’t stop there, spreading through the rest of the body. Yeah, you can see why the Mold Bomb Fogger spray is an essential must-have for every home and office!

Like every other aerosol product, there are hazards associated with the use of the product. You should always wear protective gear, especially safety goggles.

This avoids the particles of the spray from getting in your eyes. Although, quickly rinsing your eyes out is a good way to combat contact, you’re better off to avoid it entirely. You also don’t want to breath the product in.

So, make sure you’ve got the windows open in whatever room you’re in. If there are no windows, bring a portable fan into the area. You want ventilation while you’re using the spray. There are advanced care instructions on the can, of course.

So you don’t have to try and remember all of this. It’s fairly basic though; keep away from children and animals, avoid contact with skin, don’t breath.

The same instructions you’d find on any aerosol product. Why? Because it’s part of what propels the aerosol spray. It’s a chemical reaction, after all. All chemicals should be handled with care.

Does It Actually Work?

But the Mold Bomb Fogger works. When you look universally at reviews, you’ll be pleased at the results you see.

In fact, most cleaning companies responsible for industrial contracts keep this stuff handy.

Is It Safe? What Are The Ingredients?

Aside from the typical chemical reaction though, the Mold Bomb Fogger is completely safe. Obviously, as it’s a chemical in an aerosol container, it’s flammable. This should go without saying.

You don’t want it next to a heat source and you want to make sure you dispose of the empty can somewhere safe. Yes, that’s hardly enough information to judge whether or not the product is safe.

So, here are the ingredients used to create the Mold Bomb Fogger; Ethanol, Orthophenylphenol, Paratertiary amylphenol, Propane, N-Butane.

Don’t be discouraged over these chemical names. The EPA has put it’s seal of approval on the Mold Bomb Fogger. Plus, there’s bound to be a few chemicals when we’re talking about eliminating the risk of mold contamination.

Do keep in mind that once you’ve got a patch of mold, it starts to spread. You can scrap the wall clean and pour bleach on the surface.

But there are bacteria inside of the wall now. Something more that you can’t see. That will keep the mold coming back until you attack the bacteria causing the mold to spread.

Where Can I Buy Some?

If you’re interested in getting the Mold Bomb Fogger (which you should be!), you can order it directly from the Biocide website or Amazon.

Or, if you’d like to try another brand of the fogger, you can look at your local department store.

It’s recommended when it comes to this type of product that you trust a source that has been around longer.

You don’t want to risk spending the money just to have the product fail. So, you’re going to want to get the best product. Biocide offers the highest quality in foggers that will promise the elimination of mold.

How Do I Use It Once I Have It?

The instructions are relatively simple; You want to apply the spray to the infected areas. You want to leave it sit, well ventilated.

Then, you want to clean it up and remove everything from your home that was used during the cleaning process.

Buy a set of rags that you can simply toss away after the project. You want the bacteria gone, not sitting around, spreading to other things.

Don’t worry, detailed instructions on how to use the product carefully and properly will come with your purchase!

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