HostGator India Vs Bluehost India

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When it comes to web hosting in India, there are a few choices out there that cater specifically to the Indian audience.

Two of the best choices are Bluehost India and HostGator India. Bluehost and HostGator are known as being two of the very best hosting services in the world, so it was great news when they launched their India-specific choices.

So, why is an Indian hosting service better than a worldwide service? There are a few reasons for this. One of the first reasons is that it is much easier to get customer support in your local language.

There’s also a wider range of support for Indian payment methods (ideal for those without credit cards), and the servers load and perform better. Not to mention the boosts to local SEO.

There’s just one small problem that comes from having two choices; having to decide between them. The following HostGator India vs Bluehost India comparison will show you the differences between the two services, enabling you to choose the right one for you and your needs.

Variety of Packages

The range of packages is an important factor that many people overlook. It’s good to be able to choose from a range of packages as this allows you to only pay for the services that you use.

You don’t want to be spending a lot of money for unlimited bandwidth if you don’t need all that much, for example. So, how do the services compare when it comes to the variety of packages?

HostGator India offers a range of hosting packages, all of which mimic the ones offered in the global version. You can be sure you aren’t missing out on a good deal because you chose to use the Indian version.

HostGator India offers shared hosting with both Windows and Linux, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers. No matter which option you decide with, the server will be hosted within the Indian subcontinent.

This ensures peak performance and loading speeds for your Indian and Asian users. HostGator India will never let you down as far as the range of services on offer goes. There’s something for everyone.

Things aren’t much different on the Bluehost India front, to be honest. They offer generally the same web hosting solutions as HostGator India.

They offer reseller hosting and shared hosting, with users being able to choose between Windows and Linux operating systems. As far as standalone servers go, users can choose between dedicated and VPS servers.

Bluehost India also allows users to choose where the server is located, along with some environmental options. Bluehost India also offers WordPress hosting, a kind of managed WordPress hosting.


Pricing is another important factor when it comes to deciding between two options. Pricing isn’t always a fair comparison, however, as the services on offer have a direct impact on the price.

It’s more about value, and what you get for your money, than how much you pay. With that in mind, we must look at the different plans on offer in order to compare the prices.

HostGator India has a pricing section where you’ll see three plans you can choose between.

Their first plan, known as the Hatchling plan, costs 355INR a month, allowing you to host a single domain. Even though you only get a single domain, you still get unlimited resources.

The second plan – the Baby plan – costs 100INR more (455INR per month), and also has unlimited resources.

The difference between the two plans is that you can also have an unlimited number of domains. Finally, there is the third – Business – plan. This plan also comes with unlimited domains and resources, but comes packaged with free SSL and even a dedicated IP. The cost for all that? 655INR per month.

Much like HostGator, Bluehost has three different price plans. All three packages come with an unlimited amount of disk space, data transfer, and email accounts. They also come with a global CDN and high performance services.

These plans are priced at 309INR, 349INR, and 499INR. The difference between the three plans is the number of domains offered. The first plan features one domain, while the second has three, and the third has an unlimited number of domains.

There is something that should be noted about the prices of the packages; they are only this price if you buy a three-year plan. If you don’t, then you could be left paying more. It’s a shame that customers are almost swindled into dedicating themselves to a three-year plan like this.

If you look at it from a purely pricing perspective, HostGator would appear to be the better choice. It is more affordable than Bluehost at least.

Bluehost gives you a lot for your money, but you might not be interested in having everything it delivers.

HostGator offers more in the way of choice as well. If you want a wide range of options to choose from, then you want HostGator. The only choice that Bluehost gives you is a choice in the number of domains.

Controls and Support

Two more important factors when choosing between HostGator India and Bluehost India are the controls and support options.

You want to know that the service is easy to use and, in the event you get stuck or need help, you have the help you need with a reliable customer service support.

Something that sets HostGator apart from the competition – both HostGator Global and HostGator India – is the unparalleled level of support on offer.

The difference between the two services is that it’s easier to get support in the local language with the Indian version. Support offered in your local language is much friendlier and easier to follow.

As far as the control panel goes; HostGator India uses a cPanel-based control panel. It’s productive but still very easy to use. Everything is laid out perfectly, leaving you with little room for error.

As far as Bluehost India customer service goes; it’s not so much that it’s bad, it’s just that the offering from HostGator is so much better.

Similarly, Bluehost India has a much more simplistic control panel than HostGator. Again, it’s not so much that it’s bad, it’s that it’s too simple. It’s actually so simple it can be difficult to perform certain tasks.

Another knock against the Bluehost India control panel is that it isn’t the same as the global version, which is sleek and smooth. This could also be a disappointment to many who are expecting the classic Bluehost control panel.

The reason for this is that the service is based on their reseller club, rather than on the traditional Bluehost global service.

If it was based on the actual Bluehost global service, then perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad and we’d have better things to say about it. Bluehost really messed up here.

To put it simply, there’s some room for choice as far as controls and support go.


If you were to look at the three comparisons we have made, it looks like HostGator India is the better choice when compared to Bluehost India.

HostGator has better levels of customer care and a better control panel, and it also comes with better pricing options.

HostGator also doesn’t try to deceive you about their prices. The price you see on the checkout page is the price you pay.

We mentioned in the review that the prices at Bluehost India only apply if you buy three-year’s worth of hosting, but this information isn’t included on the pricing page.

This is a real negative point against the service, as they should always be up-front and honest about their prices.

To put it all together quite simply, there are plenty of reasons that HostGator makes the better choice for India based hosting services.

Although, it is still true that Bluehost India could be the right choice for you and your company. Every company has their own needs, after all. The information in this review should help you decide between the two services.

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