iRobot Roomba 891 Vs 890

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If you have a busy lifestyle, purchasing an automated vacuum makes sense. Today’s technology allows you to work on multiple projects in your home, and the Roomba series by iRobot is a perfect example of this. What follows is a comparison between the Roomba 890 vs 891, offering you more flexibility vs a cheaper price point.

Roomba 890 vs 891

Product NumberCleaning PathMulti-Surface CleaningRunning TimeWall Barrier
#1. 890
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7 InchesYes1.5 HoursYes
#2. 891

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7 InchesYes1.5 HoursNo

Body and build

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Both models come in at 13.9-inches in diameter and 3.6-inches in height. They are made from plastics and metals that provide a durable working surface. A slight difference you will notice is that the 890 is black and brown while the 891 is a champagne brown.

These packages make use of flexible bumpers to prevent damage from contact with walls and include three-button surface controls placed in the middle of the top surface. Each model also makes use of brushes angled at 27-degrees that can reach into corners and along walls. They weigh approximately 8.4 pounds.

Vacuum power

The Roomba 890 and 891 make use of a Three Stage Cleaning system. This allows the brushes to reach deep into carpets and crevices to loosen debris before a dual brush system sweeps it up. Finally, a powerlifting generates up to five times the power created by motors of the same size.

Electronic controls

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These vacuums employ 1,800 ma Lithium-Ion batteries that can be charged in as little as one hour. They provide a maximum run time of 90-minutes, but will automatically return to their charging stations before the battery drains.

Neither model includes a remote control and can not be activated by voice. They do, however, have the ability to be controlled by phone apps. The 891 can interact with Google Assistant while the 890 will also work with Amazon Alexa.

These products use iAdept technology to navigate across your floors and include cliff sensors to prevent accidental falls near stairways. They also include dirt detection sensors that direct the vacuums to concentrate in areas that will require extra cleaning.

As with most iRobot products in the Roomba series, the 890 and 891 include charging stations and an autodocking feature that will help to prevent running batteries down completely.

What do they come with?

Each package comes with a vacuum and charging station. They include a cord designed to work with North American outlets. Both products also include an owner’s manual as well as extra paperwork for warranties and other documents.

The 890 includes an extra filter that is not included with the 891. Another extra that the Roomba 890 includes is a virtual wall barrier, a device that uses light to block the vacuum from entering specific areas. The Roomba 891 does not include one of these.

Finally, both products are covered by a one-year limited warranty.

Final Pass

The Roomba 890 provides you with all of the features found on the 891. It also includes a virtual wall barrier that you won’t find on the 891 models. That allows the Roomba 891 to come in at a lower price, something that will appeal to consumers on a budget.

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