Magellan Vs Yeti Cooler

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Yeti, A Name You Can Trust

Almost every cooler is compared to the durability and reliable of the Yeti cooler.

This is because the Yeti brand was the first to introduce roto-moulded coolers into the market. Naturally, everything is now compared to the greatness of Yeti that customers are expecting.

Yeti coolers are extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about wild animals breaking into your supply.

These coolers come with latches as well, which is an added security. You might think nothing of animals trying to steal your beer.

But when your prized catch is being stored in the cooler, then it becomes an issue. Wild animals can smell food from miles away.

They will know what is inside the cooler. But, no animal has that much patience. The resistance of a Yeti cooler will deter them and they will leave you alone.

These coolers are also sealed tight, so the ice should remain as ice for days straight. This is of course depending on how often the cooler is open, as exposure to the sun or even air can cause the ice to melt.

As long as the cooler is sealed, the ice would last for days. But, opening and closer the cooler, you’ve got two solid days on your ice supply. That’s not bad.

The biggest bonus of the Yeti cooler is that they are huge. There is so much space to store your ice, your cold ones and even a couple catches if you’re not the type to want them separate.

These coolers are a must-have for any camping trip, because they really give you peace of mind that your supplies are going to be safe.

Magellan Yeti
  • You’re on a tight budget, and need something affordable
  • You don’t camp very often, so you’re not looking for something durable
  • Your camping trips are short when you do go
  • You love camping and go camping as frequently as possible
  • You often go camping for long periods of time
  • You’ve had issues with wildlife in the past
  • You’ve tried other brands, but nothing was reliable

What About The Magellan?

The Magellan brand coolers are often referred to as the “knock off Yeti”s. Magellan attempting to offer consumers the exact same product, at half the cost.

For the most part, they succeeded. Field tests demonstrate the Magellan is almost as good as the Yeti, with a few minor details that might have been over looked. We’ll get to that shortly.

What Are The Main Differences Between The Two?

Of course you want to know what most notably sets these two coolers apart from one another. Largely, it’s about the name you know and trust. Naturally, more customers want to go towards Yeti, a name they know and trust.

Magellan is half the price, yes, but, that’s often reflected in it’s inability to hold on for as long as the Yeti cooler would.

Those who are more interested in a good deal might lean towards the Magellan, at least giving it a decent chance.

What Are The Similarities?

Since Magellan did aim to replicate Yeti, they have a good deal in common:

  • Both are resistant, with hatches to keep the lid closed
  • Both are strong and durable, able to withstand average pressures
  • Both are sized and shaped the same, with tons of room inside
  • Both are able to withstand up to 3 days without any issues

As you can see, there’s not a lot to tell these two apart. So, we’ve put together a comparison chart, so that you can see what the options are for both brands.

What Are Other People Saying About The Magellan?

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If you search around for reviews, you’ll likely see mixed results. There are many people who love the Magellan cooler, claiming it’s a much better deal than any other cooler. Then, there are some who say it was a complete waste of money.

As you saw in the video above, the Magellan did have some issues with leaking. This has been noted through other reviews as well.

The plug can come loose, and if you’re not careful, you’re going to turn your campground into a swimming pool!

This leakage issue gets worse as they days go by, making the Magellan inefficient for long camping trips.

What About The Yeti?

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Most reviews about the Yeti brand cooler are shining. There are some customers, however, that were unhappy with their purchase. Often for different reasons entirely.

One complained the ice didn’t stay ice and melted into water. Another said that the latches didn’t work like they were supposed to.

Overall, the Yeti coolers usually receive 5 star ratings from the customers who purchased them.

In the video, you did see that the Yeti cooler had ice left over, but was largely down to water. Although the water was still ice-cold, that’s not what you’re hoping for with a cooler.

But, there are many factors to consider, like the heat in Texas for one. If you’re camping somewhere cooler, and outdoors, you might get better use out of your cooler. That’s for sure.

Overall, reviews on the Yeti say that it’s one of the most reliable on the market. Yes, the price unfortunately reflects the brand. But if you’re looking for a high-quality cooler, is price really a concern?

Which Cooler Is Right For You?

You’re likely not sure which cooler is right for you. You’re a little concerned about the price, especially after reading reviews.

But, you want to know what cooler to walk out of the store with. Well, it really depends what your use for a cooler is.

Obviously, what works for one person might not work for another. How you use your cooler will impact which type of cooler you need.

So, after looking at all the information above, here is how to tell which cooler is best for you, personally

As you can see, the Magellan is perfect if you’re a casual camper. If you’re going fishing on the weekend, looking to have some cold ones with the boys, you’re safe enough with the Magellan cooler.

It’s cheaper, but will last well enough over a weekend. Don’t waste double the money if it’s not something you’re commonly doing.

If you’re a regular camper, we’re talking every weekend or every second weekend, then you need something that can keep up with you.

The Magellan cooler won’t be reliable for frequent use. You’re better off spending the extra money and buying the Yeti brand. If you’re planning a trip that extends the weekend, you’re definitely going to want the Yeti, which lasts longer overall.

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